Speaking Truth To Power.

Finally, one of Heathcliff’s therapists has the guts to tell Heathcliff what no one else can be bothered to say to his enabled ass.



Although, given that Heathcliff is a cat on a couch, he’s probably sleeping and not at all paying attention to the therapist. Also, why does that therapist’s shoe look like a dildo?

I wonder what the original question was.

Orange You Glad I Did Wear A Banana.

Normally, Heathcliff wears costumes that serve a purpose.

193e2c605e7e012ee3bf00163e41dd5bCatching dogs….





Catching mice…

But, here, he’s wearing a banana costume to his therapist. Yes, he has a therapist yet somehow he still does all sorts of asshole things. crhea071101

Who’s paying this dude? This man went to college and grad school (or took some online classes) and now he’s stuck being a therapist for wayward cats. Livin’ the dream, man. Still, this dude isn’t the only man in the cat counseling game.



I believe I see several problems. First off, this counselor is an idiot. He’s dealing with cats. Cats are always falling asleep on couches. If you see a cat just chillin’ on a couch not sleeping, it probably just woke up or is planning to go to sleep shortly. Do you know how much Heathcliff does in a day? A lot. Of course he’s sleeping. Good grief, Clio, lay off.

Anyway, you’re probably wondering why Heathcliff would wear a giant banana costume. I don’t know but I suspect it has something to do with the Garbage Ape.

garbage ape

The Garbage Ape is an ape who shows up at night and just trashes the streets of Westfinster. He just delivers cans of trash to the feral/outdoor cats around town. Basically, he’s Heathcliff’s dealer. I think he’s pretend but, honestly, who knows what’s real any more. I sure don’t.

Also, note the birds explaining why Heathcliff loves the really weird thing he’s doing. More enabling.