Laundry Day.


Heathcliff doesn’t wear clothes very often and if he did, he wouldn’t be able to fit into any of these clothes. But let’s say Heathcliff did wear these clothes. They’re basically the same size as Iggy Nutmeg’s clothes. How sad would your life be if you had to live with your grandparents and share clothes with their lawless cat? Very. Pray for Iggy Nutmeg, y’all.

The Cathyfication of Heathcliff.

Ack! It looks like Peter Gallagher has been reading too much Cathy.

crhea131130I really don’t think it was the pumpkin pie considering this is what Heathcliff wore to Thanksgiving dinner:


And then he got wasted on  turkey after that.



Anyway, Grandma Cathy doesn’t understand that adding balloons to your person doesn’t make you lose weight.


Also, instead of balloons she could have just partially stood on a scale. Anyway, this is the most helpful I’ve seen Heathcliff in eons.

Also: the bathroom in the Nutmeg’s house has no door. And, it’s really large. Weird. My friend Jeremy has pointed out that the walls in the Nutmeg house appear to be a 1/2 an inch thick as well.

Really, Heathcliff? REALLY?!

As we’ve established, Heathcliff be real creeperish.

Today, he’s all up in Grandma and Grandpa’s bed, waving his wand around. crhea131024

You could just take the scepter, Grandpa. Also, why does he have a scepter? Why does Heathcliff want that he hasn’t already shown he could get on his own? And what does he have on you that you continue to put up with his shit?

Get Your Own Damn Dinner.

Heathcliff loves to eat. In fact, he loves ham so much that he somehow acquired Team Ham gear. Heathcliff is savvy enough to steal food and to hoist a flag proclaiming his (bullshit) love of cake yet, somehow, he can’t open the fridge to get food in his own house.



Heathcliff is a jerk. Also, why do Grandma and Grandpa even bother feeding Heathcliff regular cat food. He hates it and he keeps making it known.



I assume they’ve already stolen and eaten dinner during one of their father/son crime sprees.

Also, you have Heathcliff and Pops living on your house, you really shouldn’t leave other animals unattended.



Oh, look, Heathcliff being creeperish. I’m surprised he hasn’t actually eaten them yet.





I appreciate how matter-of-fact these fish are as they’re staring certain death in the face. Very courageous. These fish are the true heroes of Westfinster.

Anyway, an unattended fishbowl is nothing, considering that Heathcliff has built high-tech contraptions to take out his enemies or prey.



I don’t understand a lot about this picture. Especially, the perspective. Why are the bird AND the mouse so large? That’s a huge mousetrap Heathcliff built but it’s nothing compared to this:


I have no idea what Heathcliff’s end-game is with Robocat. I does, however, raise the issue of Heathcliff starting a drone program. I’m concerned.

Wait…they’re not really in any danger at all. Heathcliff just takes the fish out to play with them? That’s mad creepy, Heathcliff.

crhea130101Heathcliff drinks beer but he can’t figure out how to operate a faucet and get water that doesn’t have fish living in it? Does this cat know how anything inside his own home works?

You need to stop drinking so much, Heathcliff.