Never Forget To Do Your Job.

On 9/11/11, we saw the only post 9/11/01 Heathcliff comic that was about the 9/11.




That’s a nice sentiment but the first-responders in Heathcliff aren’t that heroic. They never do anything to stop Heathcliff’s crimes.




Here, Heathcliff is stealing food and the two police officers don’t do anything. They’re just like, “Oh, cool, a cat on a bike.” Westfinster tax dollars at work, folks!  Yes, the town is called Westfinster.

Also, a cat stole a dog from a fire station without anyone noticing or protesting, including the dog. Dogs are dumb and Heathcliff is ridiculous. Never forget.


In August, one of my friends posted this Heathcliff comic on Facebook:


Soon after, I ended up exploring the GoComics Heathcliff archives and I haven’t really stopped. I never really got anti-comedy until I started reading Heathcliff. These comics are so unfunny and, very often, nonsensical that they crack me up. No, I don’t understand why. This blog is me finally listening to my friends and cataloging all the ridiculous Heathcliff comics I encounter. I’m do not own the copyright for these images, I’m just providing critical commentary on them. Crucial even. Maybe. It’s commentary or some sort.

Also: thanks to The Comics Curmudgeon for existing. Josh Fruhlinger’s site has been a frequent source of hilarious Heathcliff (and many, many other comics) commentary. Please read his site. So much hilarity.