The Cathyfication of Heathcliff.

Ack! It looks like Peter Gallagher has been reading too much Cathy.

crhea131130I really don’t think it was the pumpkin pie considering this is what Heathcliff wore to Thanksgiving dinner:


And then he got wasted on  turkey after that.



Anyway, Grandma Cathy doesn’t understand that adding balloons to your person doesn’t make you lose weight.


Also, instead of balloons she could have just partially stood on a scale. Anyway, this is the most helpful I’ve seen Heathcliff in eons.

Also: the bathroom in the Nutmeg’s house has no door. And, it’s really large. Weird. My friend Jeremy has pointed out that the walls in the Nutmeg house appear to be a 1/2 an inch thick as well.


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